Draft Board Genie 3.0 Improvements

  • Max Text Feature automatically adjusts the league name size to maximum WITHOUT having to hit the "+" button 10-20 times. No more trial & error.
  • Improved functionality w tablets/phones because the main selections will be made with dropdowns instead of radio buttons.
  • Better Color Picker is compatible with touch screens and more robust for desktops as well.
  • Autosave keeps track of your work while you go. Just create a Genie ID and your design is automatically saved. Saves your design for next year too.
  • Collaborate with other people and/or devices from home, work or play when you create a Genie ID.
  • Better Compatibility with multiple devices including tablets and phones. FYI, it is still easier with a mouse, but works with touch screen.
  • Automatic Preview before finalizing order so you know EXACTLY what it looks like before ordering
  • Tweetability That's right. Click a button on the final preview to show the world your new design.
  • Image Rotation available as some devices automatically rotate photos when uploading.