International Orders

LOOK FOR BIG IMPROVEMENTS IN 2018. AS OF 6/18/18, We just have not updated the international section of the new site.
NEW -lower cost- Shipping Options to Rest of World (Outside of US & Canada)

Now you can order our bigger draft boards without breaking the bank on shipping. We have 2 major improvements to facilitate this.
1) We are now able to program a base rate + added cost per pound into our system. If your country is added then you'll see all of the shipping rates and can choose what you like without waiting for us. Plus, our International Fedex rates are somewhat lower than in the past, and we've passed the savings onto you.
2) We added a selection at the bottom of many products (just before add to cart) where you can request that we fold your draft board instead of rolling it. This results in a shipment that ships as 5 pounds less and can save you as much as $50US. Do not select this option, even if it appears, when ordering stands, banners or Reusable kits as these items are not able to be folded, and your order will be delayed while we try to contact you.

Small packages are programmed into the store via the United States Postal Service. Transit time depends on your local post office as the USPS will get it out of the US within3-4 days.
US Post Office (all countries) for small packages $29
Fedex Economy (normally 3-5 days, but depends on country) If programmed, it will normally start at $50-$60 and go up based on weight/size.
Fedex Priority (normally 1-3 days, but depends on country) If programmed, it will normally start at $60-$70 and go up based on weight/size.

Please note: We reserve the right to reject orders based on unforeseen shipping restrictions. Of course we'll contact you if there is an issue.

Why is US and Canada excluded from the folding capability? Simple. Ground shipping is available only in these two countries. Folding SUBSTANTIALLY reduces the cost on International shipping, where it would only make a slight difference in US and Canada.

Taxes (NOT US or Canada)? We do not collect or remit taxes on your behalf outside of Canada. If any taxes are due, you'll probably be notified at delivery.

The following countries are already programmed into our system, so you should be able to order unassisted. If something does not seem right, contact us. If your country is not listed, let us know, and we'll include it. Just email your postal code and country so we can look it up.

Scroll down for section dedicated to Canada

Canadian options for 2016

We now have 3-4 shipping methods to get draft boards to you. It just depends on whether your priority is price, selection and/or speed of delivery.

IMPORTANT POINT #1: Why don't we use the cheaper Post Office to Canada? Because it has taken a month or longer to get packages to destinations within Canada when we have used Canada Post in the past. In fact, it took a month to get a package to the Toronto suburbs from Toronto once before. Yes, there is a cheaper option, but our draft board will be useless if it gets to you after the draft. That is why we do not use USPS to Canada. And we only use ExpressPost when we do use Canada Post. And to those who choose a different vendor that offers Canada Post....thank you, we'll see you next year.

IMPORTANT POINT #2: We collect taxes, duties & customs fees up front so you don't get stuck with a hidden bill on delivery. It is a ton more work for us, but this approach has worked well for our Canadian customers since we rolled it out last year. ALL OTHER DRAFT BOARD COMPANIES PASS THIS OFF TO THE COURIER.

Method Description Products Included Comments GST, PST, HST, Duty, Customs Clearance Fees
FREE SHIPPING via ExpressPost

EpressPost from Canada Post
1-2 Days, coast to coast
Canadian Medium (14 team)
Canadian Jumbo (12 team)
Removable Labels (if you bought Reusable Board in the past)

Best option if you want something that is off-the-shelf w/ NO EXTRAS.
Look for the "Free Shipping Express Post" option. Once we have product
in Toronto, look for it to ship within a day or two.
You will not be asked to pay any other charges at/after delivery as we
take care of all fees with this flat-rate option.
FedEx Ground DIRECT from US
FedEx Ground, International,
from St. Louis. Generally
3-8 days from when we ship.
Available with any products other than those that ship
out of Toronto.
This method is the same as our new indirect method except that it
is faster and more expensive. Consider this method if time is getting
tight or if you want something custom or extra (IDP's or team labels).
We pay all of these taxes and surcharges on your behalf, so you will not
be asked to pay at/after delivery.
24% surcharge covers GST, PST and/or HST, Duty at checkout.
Customs clearance fees included in the shipping price.
FedEx Ground INDIRECT from US
FedEx Ground the for the
entire trip. 6-12 days total transit,
depending on your distance
from Toronto. Plus we hold the
order for a few days prior to
Available with any products other than those that ship
directly out of Toronto.
This method will be cheaper and slower than the direct method because
we are consolidating several orders to Toronto and shipping them
to you from within Canada. Many of the fees are reduced, and we
are able to pass the savings onto you.
We pay all of these taxes and surcharges on your behalf, so you will not
be asked to pay at/after delivery.
24% surcharge covers GST, PST and/or HST, Duty at checkout.
Customs clearance fees included in the shipping price.
FedEx Express DIRECT from US
1-3 Day overnight service Available with any products other than those that ship
directly out of Toronto.
We recommend you select Small, Medium or Jumbo
Off-The-Shelf kits as
these draft boards fit into envelopes, so shipping
is more affordable.
We pay all of these taxes and surcharges on your behalf, so you will not
be asked to pay at/after delivery.
24% surcharge covers GST, PST and/or HST, Duty at checkout.
Customs clearance fees included in the shipping price.

Canada Q & A
Q: Why so many shipping choices?
A: Since we opted a few years ago to sell all products in Canada, shipping, taxes and customs clearance charges started getting out of hand. Not only is the cost of shipping products across the border expensive, it can also take several days for the shipment to go through customs.
Because some of you are impacted by time and some by cost, we developed this comprehensive set of shipping options so you can choose what is most important.

Q: Why do you offer both an indirect and direct Ground shipping method?
A: We've actually been embarrassed over the past couple of years when we have to tell a Canadian that it is going to be $30+ shipping for a $35 draft kit, and [believe it or not] we still lose money because of all the extras going across the border. So while it is still pricey, we have
at least made it more affordable for you.

Q: What are the main differences between the indirect and direct Ground methods?
A: With the direct method, we are shipping the draft board directly to you from the middle of the US (St Louis), and you are paying the full cost of customs and freight charges. The indirect method is quite a bit less expensive because we are consolidating your order with other
orders to Ontario and spreading many of the costs among other orders. Another key difference is that we will hold onto the order for a few extra days to accumulate other orders for the shipment.

Q: Why don't you just use Canada Post and USPS to keep the costs down?
A: We used to use Canada Post Standard Mail service, but we simply could not rely on the service. Sometimes our shipments made it there in a week, and sometimes it took a month. It is a lot easier to pay a few bucks for FedEx than to be sweating on the day before your draft.

Q: Is the FedEx driver going to collect additional taxes on delivery? Or will they send me a bill after receipt?
A: They shouldn't. If they do, let us know, and we'll pay the taxes as our account is set up to pay the taxes ahead of time.

Q: Why does it [appear] to cost less at other companies?
A: The most likely answer is that they are not collecting your taxes up front. So you will likely get a bill at delivery. Also, they might be relying on the Post Office for super-low rates. But you will likely only get tracking information up to the point the package crosses the border.

Q: Why don't you offer more products directly out of Toronto?
A: Because our Canadian operations are much smaller than in the US. We just don't have the capacity to manufacture and/or distribute as many products in Canada as we do in the US.

Q: Can I add one of the free koozies to my Jumbo kit that ships out of Toronto?
A: No, the reason we are able to offer the product out of Toronto is that we have to sacrifice on the options. If you add any optional items, either the shipping will no longer be free, or the order will be delayed and/or cancelled.

Q: What if I change my mind after you've already shipped the kit to me, and I refuse the shipment?
A: Because shipping internationally is a very expensive and time-consuming process, it will be very expensive for you to do this. None of the shipping charges are refundable. Plus, you will incur a 25% restocking fee when we get the product back. Plus, you will be responsible for all
freight and fees on the shipment back to us. For this reason it is absolutely critical that you select a method that gives it plenty of time to arrive before your draft.

Q: Will I get tracking information from the moment the product is shipped until it gets to me?
A: Yes, and if you select the Indirect Ground option, you'll actually get 2 tracking numbers.

Q: Can I use the Draft Board Genie from within Canada?
A: Yes, once it is active, anyone will be able to use it. But if you want to order one of our other products without the Genie, feel free.

Q: I got a reusable draft board last year. How do I go about getting the labels this year?
A: This issue is actually what prompted us to investigate better shipping arrangements to Canada. You spent $100+ on a draft board, and we hated charging you $70+ for the labels the following year (please accept our apologies if this happened to you last year). From now on, we plan to stock the removable labels in the Toronto facility and offer them via the FREE ExpressPost shipping method. IMPORTANT POINT TO CONSIDER: The Toronto option will come with blank team labels ONLY. Extras (IDPs, deep pool, etc) are not available out of Toronto. For extras, you must order from the US. We suggest using the indirect Ground method as long as you have a bit more time.

Q: I like the Jumbo out of Toronto, but I want the free koozie that comes with the other kits. Is that possible?
A: Sorry, but in order to offer the basic packages out of Toronto, affordably, we just cannot offer any options.

Q: Are the delivery times guaranteed?
A: Since we are at the mercy of a governmental agency (customs), we cannot guarantee delivery by a specific date, but we can provide you with best estimates. And we generally "move mountains" to do whatever we can to get it to
you prior to your draft. We play fantasy football too and know how bad it sucks if you don't have a draft board.

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