International Shipping

Options available to those outside of USA
for Canadians ONLY. Ships out of Toronto and is included with Canada-Only kits.
Fedex International Economy/Priority is the gold-standard in shipping. It'll ship out of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. Generally, it'll get anywhere in the world in less than 5 days. And to a major city Sydney, London, Mexico City, Hamburg, etc within 1-2 days with Priority Overnight. Or within 5 days for the International Economy option.
Fedex/Postal Hybrid service combines Fedex and your local postal service. This IS NOT A FAST SERVICE, BUT IT IS ECONOMICAL. And it is weight-based, which means we are not limited to envelopes. Many international customers choose this option when they want to add trophies or custom draft boards. If you choose this option, make sure to choose a draft board that ships as 42" or less as this is the maximum size for this option.
Priority Mail from US Postal Service is the only way to ship completely via international postal services. Basically, the USPS takes it from St. Louis (middle of US) to Chicago or New York or LA and hands it off to your postal service. Minimum cost for this service is $35US. It'll take 1-2 weeks in transit. The US Postal service is remarkably fast, but our experience is that the Postal Services in other countries are very slow. Not available with all products.

Fedex/Postal Hybrid Approximate Transit Times (business days from St. Louis, USA---based on limited sample done in 2019)
RegionBusiness Days in Transit
Ontario, Canada13
Western Canada14
Above are not guarantees. Just estimates of how long transit time is from us to you. Does not include prep time.