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What's New This Year
hat's new for 2018? PLENTY

Custom Team Labels

1. New Custom Team Label size

2. New way to enter your team names
PLUS we store your names for next

High-end, low-end and everything in-between.

New Draft Board | The Paul Bunyan
2X vs The Elephant Label size.

28 Square Inches/label...RE-DIC-U-LOUS!!
That's an 8-foot draft board.
Major Improvements to Reusable
Draft Boards & ALL Banner Products

New Shipping Options for Upper Midwest

Now live if you live in one of these states. Rates start at $9.
10-30% LOWER than Fedex Ground.

HUGE benefit: If you are interested in the Elephant Panel
Stand, this will end up saving you approx $15 on shipping.