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What's new for 2024 PLENTY

Rookie Designation

We tried this last year but didn't promote it. Many of you may not have noticed, but this is going to be the standard going forward. We found it helped when looking for rookies later in the draft. And also when analyzing the draft board during the draft. It'll be in the main sets but none of the subsets except the rookies package.

Magnetic Draft Board NEW Elephant Size
Same as the original Jumbo but bigger and with a new look
Magnetic Draft Board IMPROVEMENTS
  • A new Index/Cross Reference list is provided with the updated players as well as the main kits. Alphabetized so you can find players more quickly.
  • New option for DRY ERASE blanks. Great for owners that use the draft board more than once each year.

The Adonis Draft Board
  • A fun take on our Elephant draft boards
  • 12T x 16R

Custom Team Label Ordering Enhancements

You won't notice too much here. When searching through old sets of labels, you will be able to select which set you want rather than scrolling and examining each.

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Custom Fantasy Football Championship Belt Plate Toughguy Belt Custom Plate

Fantasy Football Championship Belt Plate
•Fits our belts perfectly
•Attaches with 3 flat head screws
•Hand painted, Gold Finish
•Save shipping $ when ordered with draft board
•Let's past winners have something for their trophy case if you pass the belt from winner to winner

Our Price: $20.00
Rockin' Roller Fantasy Baseball Trophy Rockin-Roller Fantasy Baseball Trophy - Large

Fantasy Baseball Trophy | Large (New Trophy)
•Champ or any other award
•Smooth guitar on rough background
•Sleek golden finish
•9.25" tall and 1lb 9oz

Our Price: $35.99
Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Magnetic Football Draft Kit-Jumbo

Magnetic (Reusable) Football Draft Board w/NFL Players

•Jumbo-sized players. 10 Square In.
•Rigid (not flimsy) backer
•8, 12, 16 teams x 18 rounds
•Reusable Stand available
•PLASTIC (hinged) Backer
•Wood-grain background
•Launched 2020

Our Price: $132.00

Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Elephant Size Magnetic Football Draft Kit-Elephant

Magnetic (ELEPHANT) Football Draft Board w/NFL Players

40% Bigger than Jumbo
Elephant-sized players. 14 Square In.
•Rigid (not flimsy) backer
•9, 12, 15, 18 teams x 15 rounds
•Reusable Stand available
•PLASTIC (hinged) Backer
•Weathered wood-grain background
•New in 2023

Our Price: $179.00
2024 Fantasy Football Championship Belt Toughguy Championship Belt (Semi-Custom)

Fantasy Football Championship Belt
•Semi-custom or Off-The-Shelf
•Leather or Synthetic
•Weighs an astounding 6+ pounds
•5 Hand-Painted Plates in Brilliant Gold Finish

Our Price: $300.00