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What's New This Year
What's new for 2022? PLENTY


Folded Draft save big on shipping.

Fedex started hitting our rolled draft boards over 48" (includes many of our products)
a few years ago.

The United States Post Office just instituted a MID-YEAR surcharge on all
items over 30 inches in April. This literally doubled our shipping cost on well over
half our items.

Bruno's now offers (for a small fee) a folded upgrade option on nearly all of our
paper draft boards.
Magnetic Draft Boards....Same as 2020 except for a few improvements
  • Rigid backer is made from plastic instead of foamboard for added durability
  • Backer comes hinged in the middle for better shipment and storage
  • Stands (optional) are configured a bit differently than last year

NEW PLAYER POOL NAMESThis is a minor change, but we've had some phone calls already. And it can be confusing.

PRIOR TO 2022, our player pools for most kits were known as:
•Small (for smaller drafts)
•Standard (for majority of leagues)
•Deep (larger drafts) Seriously, 150 RBs and WR? If you're drafting the #135 WR, that is
a deep league.

In 2022, the names are:
•Small, Deep and Super-Deep to coincide with our naming convention for baseball.

Photo coming later New Size for Medium Off-The-Shelf
10x25 now available. In addition to 12x23, 14x26 and 16x23

Discontinued Punters....Guys, if you came to us in 2008 from our Fantasy Labels
acquisition, please accept our apologies as we sold a grand total of 4 sets last year.
We hope you understand.

As a sidenote, we just loved this guy. Reggie Roby was a bad-assed punter. Hurts
just to look at this photo, but that's how every single punt was. And his hangtime
was legendary. I'm sure some of you old-schoolers appreciate this. - Bruno
Kickers....Now optional as an incredible number of leagues have stopped using them.
By not providing them to everyone (when many are just thrown away), this has allowed
us to keep prices lower.

Incredibly, both of our kicker-stories feature Miami players. Who knew the Dolphins
has such a noteworthy special teams history.

For all you youngsters out there, Google "garo yepremian video" for one of the biggest
football-related chuckles of your life.
10x18 Rolled Medium Size Discontinued

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Custom Fantasy Football Championship Belt Plate Toughguy Belt Custom Plate

Fantasy Football Championship Belt Plate
•Fits our belts perfectly
•Attaches with 3 flat head screws
•Hand painted, Gold Finish
•Save shipping $ when ordered with draft board
•Let's past winners have something for their trophy case if you pass the belt from winner to winner

Our Price: $20.00
Rockin' Roller Fantasy Baseball Trophy Rockin-Roller Fantasy Baseball Trophy - Large

Fantasy Baseball Trophy | Large (New Trophy)
•Champ or any other award
•Smooth guitar on rough background
•Sleek golden finish
•9.25" tall and 1lb 9oz

Our Price: $35.99
Reusable Baseball Draft Board Reusable Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit (Draft Board Genie)

Reusable Fantasy Baseball Draft Board
•Design it now w/ our exclusive app, Draft Board Genie
•Just reorder labels each year. You already have a custom draft board.
•Made from heavy-duty polypropylene banner. Not paper.
•Lamination enhances look and allows for removal of labels.
•Jumbo-sized labels included.

Our Price: $105.00 Price includes your choice of team colors
Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Magnetic Football Draft Kit-Jumbo

Magnetic (Reusable) Football Draft Board w/NFL Players

•Jumbo-sized players. 10 Square In.
•Rigid (not flimsy) backer
•8, 12, 16 teams x 18 rounds
•Reusable Stand available
•PLASTIC (hinged) Backer
•Wood-grain background
•Launched 2020

Our Price: $126.00

2022 Fantasy Football Championship Belt Toughguy Championship Belt (Semi-Custom)

Fantasy Football Championship Belt
•Semi-custom or Off-The-Shelf
•Leather or Synthetic
•Weighs an astounding 6+ pounds
•5 Hand-Painted Plates in Brilliant Gold Finish

Our Price: $300.00