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Custom fantasy football draft kit-International ONLY

Custom Fantasy Football Draft Board
NOTE: Actual colors may vary due to your monitor's capabilities and settings. We do our best to make colors accurate, but please allow for some variance.


IMPORTANT NOTE #2: We are sorry to make this complicated. Shipping outside of the USA is expensive (as you know). We are trying to optimize this so those outside of USA can customize a draft board and not break the bank on shipping.
IMPORTANT NOTE #3: You can always opt for our USA-based products, but they are weighted differently and will not likely take advantage of the new Hybrid shipping options.
Base Price $43.00
Special Note: Standard Pools updated between 7/17 & 7/19
Important product info: See special notes on this product. VERY IMPORTANT to save on Shipping costs.
Mobile users: Custom Team Labels

Availability:: 2019 Order Now | Ships in June

Customize your Draft Kit

Color scheme*:

Choose a Label Size*:

Upgrade Materials

Choose Paper or Banner?:

Draft Board Specs

Teams (columns)*:

Rounds (rows)*:

League Name:


Pick any extras:
Deep player pool w 50+% more QB, RB, WR, TE [Add $5.00]

Add IDP's-Regular Pool [Add $4.00]

Add IDPs - Extra Deep Pool - 280+ IDPs [Add $11.00]

Add NFL Head Coaches [Add $2.00]

Add CURRENT YEAR Offensive Rookies ONLY [Add $3.00]Note IMPACT rookies included in ALL kits

Add ALL CURRENT YEAR Rookie IDPs [Add $3.00]

Add punters [Add $2.00]

Add extra set of team labels [Add $2.00]for leagues with more than 1 team based position

Add 2nd extra set of team labels [Add $2.00]
Custom Team Labels (They'll be here next year)

Enter team names:

Custom Draft Boards--Production Time

Production time for Custom Kits:

We are backed up
Other Draft Board Optimizers

Auction stickers:
Auction-style Stickers •Standard Pool Only

For position-based drafts:
Add Position Labels [Add $3.50]

Description Technical Specs
Custom Draft Boards (NOT FOR USA)
You tell us the specs, and we build it for you. FYI, you can also build your own draft board with the Draft Board Genie, just without quite as many bells and whistles.
Feature Comparison: Our traditional customization vs The Draft Board Genie
Old Way
  • Add League name
  • Determine the draft board size (teams and rounds)
  • Pick a label size (Medium or Jumbo)
  • Choose from either house colors or pick a specific color scheme
  • Add custom team labels
The Genie allow you to:
  • Add League name. Plus, you can adjust the size, change the font, change colors. And you can manipulate the name to enhance the appearance
  • Determine the draft board size (teams and rounds). Plus, you can see the dimensions as you build the draft board. You can also add/remove rows to make it look great.
  • Pick a label size (Medium, Jumbo, Elephant). Plus, you can toggle through the various choices.
  • Choose from either house colors or pick a specific color scheme. Plus you can can completely customize the draft board's colors if you don't like the ones we provided.
  • Add custom team labels. Or if you know your draft order already, you can add the team names right onto the board. You can even add team logos.
  • Select upgrades right on the site. Upgrade from paper to banner or add a stand.
  • Add your league's logo in one/both corners, center or none. Without the Genie, you cannot add logos.
  • Add team logos in each column. You can even have a logo and team name in the same box. Beware that the team names tend to get small if you do this.
  • Customize the Team Name boxes at the top of the draft board.
  • Change the text in each row to account for positions or keepers or any other variable your league uses.
  • Since you are building the draft board, the lead time should be much less than in the past.
  • When you create a Genie ID, your design is saved on our server for next year.

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