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Magnetic Draft Board Instructions
  If you bought a Magnetic Draft Board from us and are looking for instructions on how to put the stand together. Or any other pointers, you've come to the right place. We just launched the product in 2020 and are in the process of putting all the graphics together. Just check back here periodically before your draft for updates.

In lieu of photos, which will be coming soon on the site and in your package, here are some points to consider (in written form) for Magnetic Draft Boards and Stands:
  • For all stands, the following applies:
    • 4" legs go into stem of Tees, and 2 legs w/ caps go into the other two slots on the t's
    • Zipties are REUSABLE. Just pinch the clasp to release when finished
    • The panels are designed to drape in front of the stand so that most of the side posts are hidden
    • The uprights are all 41" tall
    • A cross is required to support all the weight only on the 3-panel option
  • Team names can become bowed due to the shrink-wrapping. Consider placing any bowed plates upside down on a table with a weight on top for a few hours to help them stay flat.
  • Team names and any extras (IDPs included) require a little work on your end. You will take the supplied stickers and affix to the blank plate. Since most leagues use only a few IDPs and since you only get enough blanks to cover your IDP order, wait until the IDP is picked at the draft before placing the sticker on the blank. There are not enough blanks for all IDPs.
  • Take extra care on placing team names onto the blank box as these will be used for many years.
Documents Library

Document Date Posted File Link
Retrofitting Instructions to change your old tension stand into a stand for Magnetic Draft Board.
These instructions are generic in nature and not specific to your old tension stand.
June 29, 2020 Retrofit from Tension Stand Blank Instructions
Assembly Instructions - On Deck Stand - 1 Panel June 29, 2020 On Deck Magnetic Draft Board Stand
Assembly Instructions - Magnetic Draft Board Stand - 3 Panel

This sticker goes on the back of one of the panels for easy reference in the future. If you
ordered a stand in 2020 before we had the instructions and would like a sticker mailed to you
at no charge, drop us a line.
June 29, 2020 Magnetic Draft Board Stand Instructions - 3 Panels
Instructional Video - How fast can you remove the players after the draft with our Magnetic
Draft Board?
June 29, 2020 How to Remove Players on Magnetic Draft Board

And you can always call us as well if something is not clear.
New Addition to 2020 Kits
As you may know by now, the NFL team based in Washington DC has renamed themselves "The Washington Football Team". Effective immediately, all of our draft kits will include an up to date label with the new team's name, similar to the graphic above. If you ordered prior to July 23 and did not get this label in your set, please contact us so we can mail you an updated label.

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