Shipping & Handling

Important info regarding the New Elephant Panel Stand
This item comes in a very large box (good for storage too). Regardless of how many panels you get, it ships as 53 pounds. Expect ground rate to be $15-$30 MORE (depending on your proximity to St. Louis) for ground shipping. This product is only available in the continental US.

Large Package Info
In 2015 the carriers implemented dimensional pricing to ALL shipments. Basically, they charge based on the space required on their trucks or the actual weight, whichever is greater. Accordingly, see the example below.

Our common package sizes
actual weight
2015 Dimensional Weight
(the weight Fedex bills)
43" x 5" x 5"
(custom 10T x 20R Jumbo)
3 7
50" x 6" x 6"
(Reusable 12T x 21R)
3 11
56" x 6" x 6"
(20 or 29R Elephant)
6 13
62" x 6" x 6"
(Custom 27R Jumbo)
4 14
For more information on the this, check out this article. For this reason, we are pleased to roll out a lower-cost option, called SmartPost, for our less bulky items.

Please do not choose a shipping method that gets there exactly on your draft day (preferably not the day before either).
Give yourself a cushion of a couple days in case your driver gets into an accident, gets sick, delivers it to the wrong address, etc. This will ensure there is time to possibly fix something if something went wrong in transit. Don't let 50 cent/man keep you from getting your draft board in time.

Important point #1 We get flooded with orders from approximately 1 month before the season starts to about a week before the opener. Our Post Office shipments get picked up in the morning, Fedex Ground picks up in mid-afternoon, and Express picks up in the early evening. While we do everything possible to get every order out immediately, we often have to prioritize orders to make sure we get out the most urgent ones. Accordingly, we generally prioritize shipments in this order 1) Fedex Express 2)Fedex Ground 3) Post Office.

Important point #2 When talking about shipping days, the 1st BUSINESS DAY AFTER it is shipped is day 1. If we ship your order via 2Day on Thursday, it would be scheduled to arrive on Monday. In this example, Friday is day 1 and Monday is day 2. It happens every year where someone orders so it get there right on the draft date, and they forgot that the weekend does not count as a day in transit.

Priority Mail
(For smaller kits including Small and Medium)

(Required for Jumbo or larger kits. Also for multiple kits and stands)
Service Priority Mail Ground


2Day 3Day
Delivery time, most cases 1-5 days, not guaranteed but still pretty reliable 1-5 days, guaranteed.
By end of business day
Next business day by 3-4:30 to businesses. By 7pm to residences. Next business day by 10:30 to most addresses. 12-4:30 to remote areas 2 business days by 7pm. 3 business days by 7pm.
Tracking number included? No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Delivery Days Mon-Sat Mon-Fri businesses
Tue-Sat residence
Mon-Fri Mon-Fri
Saturday overnight available $44.80+
Mon-Fri Mon-Fri
Pickups and prioritization Our mail carrier picks up early in the day, so there is not much room for orders to ship the same day. Fedex Ground picks up our packages mid-afternoon, so there is a better chance of it shipping than Post Office orders. Fedex Express picks up in early evening, so there is the best chance of it shipping. Plus there are drop boxes in our area if we have to get some emergency orders out for you. We do whatever we can to get these orders out same day.
Price $8 $15 & up $31 & up $6 more than Standard Overnight $22.50 & up $17.50 & up
If your order ships on... Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday Monday
Scheduled delivery day Any day, depending on distance from St. Louis Tuesday-Friday, depending on distance from St. Louis Tuesday pm Tuesday AM Wednesday pm Thursday pm
Special comments If your draft is less than a week away, we suggest upgrading to a Fedex option. Choose Saturday overnight only when it is late on Thursday or any time on Friday. Only offered to customers on West Coast & Northern New England since we are in the middle of the country, and ground suffices for the rest of US.

Promotional shipping
Occassionally, we offer shipping promotions (rare). If/when we do so, Bruno's reserves the right to choose the shipping method. This would apply only when the shipping promotion is generic in nature and not method-specific. For example, if we offered "free shipping", we choose the shipping method.

Turnaround (Production) time on Custom Kits
Custom kits must be designed and printed before shipping, although the new Draft Board Genie will lessen the time on design. Our workload determines how long it will take to ship your custom kit, so order early to avoid additional fees. As we get busier, the turnaround time will increase.
To expidite the turnaround, you can select a faster option at an additional cost. This cost is a 1-time charge and covers as many custom draft boards as you order.

General guidelines: Unless noted, turnaround for Reusable draft boards is 4 business days. Custom boards is 2 business days. Remember, this can fluctuate based on demand.
Lead time for custom kits
Turnaround time + shipping time = time required for custom kits to be delivered. For example, if the turnaround time is 3 business days, and you select 2-Day shipping, and you order on a Monday....
We would produce and ship it on Thursday (or sooner). Friday is ship day #1, Monday is ship day #2. You should expect to receive the board on the following Monday.

Custom kits summarized: Select your overall shipping method for the order based on 1 day later than the scheduled turnaround time you select.

Very Early Orders (2+ months before the first regular season game) in the season are generally considered pre-orders and will ship once we produce the inventory. Let us know if your draft is before July 1 (football) or February 1 (baseball) so we can get it to you on time.

Once we get to less than 2 months prior to the beginning of the season, we generally ship orders within 2 business days (often within one day) and use the Priority Mail and FedEx(Ground, 3-Day and 2-Day Air and Next Day Air). The Post Office claims Priority takes 2-3 days, but this is not a guarantee, and it could take a week or longer in some cases. A great deal if you have time before your draft. We want to work with you, so we leave it up to you whether or not to use Priority Mail. We are located in the middle of the US, so that should be beneficial to customers nationwide. No PO Boxes please. Note: FedEx does not pick up or deliver on Saturdays (except Home Delivery), so keep this in mind when picking a shipping method.

If you do opt for Priority shipping, and you have less than 10 calendar days before your draft, we cannot assume responsibility for missed delivery. We recommend but do not require you to ship it Express or FedEx. Consider our"Need-it-Now" options if you are really pressed for time.

If you pick a shipping method with a cushion of less than 1 full day before your draft, we will not be held responsible for a missed shipment. You will not be refunded for either product cost or for shipping costs. For example, if your draft is on Wednesday, and you order with 2 Day Express on Monday morning, it SHOULD get there on Wednesday. If it arrives on Thursday, we will not assume responsibility for the missed delivery time. You should choose Next Day delivery for a few bucks more to avoid any problems.