Bruno's Draft Kits
Because you don't want to screw up draft night.

About Us (updated July 23, 2017)

So, after years of taking calls from customers who
have been asking about "us" when they call & chat...
We decided to show you some pics of who "we" really
are....a real live company with real live college students
filling your orders!

A message from Bruno
Like you, I've been playing fantasy sports for years and have even commissioned a number of my own leagues. After countless drafts at the local bar [with plenty of beer and chicken wings], I decided that there must be a better way to manage a fantasy draft than to haul out that ole $19.99 chalkboard and easel from Walgreens. In 2003, I "graduated" to an actual draft board from one of the many vendors at the time. Yes, it was a draft board, but "I could do sooooo much better..." I kept thinking. And with that, Bruno's Draft Kits was born in the following year.

We started out with basic (and I do mean basic) products. Some of our current customers (John N. from Chicago and Richard W. from Maine) probably remember these relics. You'll see close representations of our first draft boards in most of the draft board companies out there today. Even though they were plain, our original draft boards did provide the springboard for us to keep improving our product. In fact, many of our innovations are still exclusive to Bruno's, although competitors have copied some of our ideas.

You might take for granted that we print our labels on double-wide label stock instead of the standard letter-size that everyone else uses. But if you've ever been to a draft that drags on and on and on because dozens of label sheets are flying around the table, you'll understand why we do it. You may not care if your league name is printed at the top of your draft board, but plenty of commissioners do want the extra sizzle on their steak. While our draft boards are generally a few bucks more, I'm pretty sure the extra few bucks that will get divided by your group will be well worth it.

So yeah, we are pretty proud of our draft boards and labels. But we're always looking to improve. If you have an idea on how we could make something better, I'm all ears. Seriously. In the meantime, thanks for checking us out. I hope our argument is compelling enough for your to order a draft kit today. And if not, I hope you'll consider our products next time. In the meantime, good luck in your fantasy leagues this season.

Visit our St. Louis Showroom
Conveniently located in Westport, right off the Page extension. Across from Hooters.
2078 Concourse Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63146
Showroom Hours
Feb 15-April 1
9-6, M-F (call ahead if you are coming from a long distance to make sure we're not running errands or our to lunch, etc.)
July 1-September 10 M-F 9-7 & Saturdays in August 9-4
Outside of those dates We are still here just about every day, but the hours are more scattered. We recommend you call ahead.

Hours for Customer Service via phone are essentially the same as above, but we get here earlier and are generally here a couple hours later than the times posted above