Update Sheet for Baseball

Bruno's Fantasy Baseball Draft Board Updates

Draft kits are only accurate up to when they were printed. By the time you get it, players may have been traded, moved to IR and even incarcerated.

We wait longer to print our first kits of the season so maintain accuracy. But if a player has been released, or some young stud has been promoted to first team, come to this page for the information. Simply dedicate 5 minutes prior to your draft to make the changes.

Or let us do the work for you. We give you updated players. Most of our kits contain this feature. FYI, the Small and any single-league baseball kits are not updated once we roll out the first pool. Nor are IDP's and other subsets.

We simply print a new player pool every couple weeks once Training Camp/Spring Training starts to account for relevant changes. By the time the pre-season ends, as much as 5% of the players will be impacted by a transaction. This feature costs nothing.

For those of you who have an older pool or who got a kit that is not updated, the update sheet is easy to use. Follow these steps:

  1. Buy a draft board from Bruno's
  2. Wait for it to arrive
  3. Just before your draft, come to this page and print the update sheet
  4. Dedicate the 5 minutes necessary to ensure an accurate player pool. If our sheet says a guy's been cut, cross him off or throw him away. We'll also publish some adds and trades too. Use it however you want, but this will give you an advantage that noone else gives you.

Or you can simply get one of our draft boards that are updated already

2018 Baseball Draft Board UpdateS



2/15 Darvish Yu CHC SP Check cubs signed him
2/15 Pennington Cliff CIN 2B Check Not really fantasy relevant, but..
2/15 Miley Wade MIL SP Check Lucky to make the team
2/15 Cashner Andrew BAL SP Check Well that's the "ace" they needed. Baltimore now has a whole stable of fireballers....not
2/17 Vargas Jason NYM SP Check
2/17 Nunez Eduardo BOS 3B Check
2/20 Martinez JD BOS OF Check One of the biggest signings of the offseason.
2/20 Tillman Chris BAL SP Check Another head-scratcher by baltimore
2/20 Cameron Maybin MIA OF Check sources projecting him to start in CF
2/20 Souza Stephen AZ OF Check traded from TB
2/21 Drury Brandon NYY 2B Check part of 3 team deal
2/20 Dyson Jarrod AZ OF Check AZ has been busy
2/20 Hosmer Eric SD 1B Check Padres opened up the checkbook with this one.
2/26 Oh Seung TOR RP Check
2/26 Alvarez Pedro BAL 1B was listed as FA until signing
2/26 Belisle Matt CLE RP Not actually in our pools yet but he'd be a decent replacement if we have to delete someone due to injury.
2/26 Liriano Francisco DET SP Not actually in our pools yet but he'd be a decent replacement if we have to delete someone due to injury. Tigers signed him to a $4M deal so they must be expecting something.
2/26 Dickerson Corey PIT OF TB unloaded him last week.
3/1 Napoli Mike CLE 1B Minor league deal.
3/1 Duda Lucas KC 1B
3/1 Morrison Logan MIN 1B
3/11 Lucroy Jonathan OAK C
3/11 Carrera Ezequiel
OF Toronto released him
3/11 Moustakas Mike KC 3B KC stepped up and kept him
3/11 Nolasco Ricky KC SP Is it really this bad in KC these days? That [championship fever] didn't last too long did it?
3/11 Jay Jon KC OF See Nolasco commentary above.!!!!
3/11 Moss Brandon 1B Cut by Oak
3/11 Gomez Carlos TB OF boom/bust pickup
3/11 Arrieta Jake PHI SP Finally some major news. $30Million in year 1. Not too shabby!
3/13 Asher Alec BAL SP
Sent down.
3/13 Mejia Francisco CLE C Sent down
3/13 Gonzalez Carlos COL OF Resigned him
3/13 LynnLanceMIN SP $12M pickup.
3/13 Walker NeilNYY 2B Another pickup by Yanks

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