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We try to roll out at least 1 new product per year for each sport. 2020 will feature a ton of new trophies and some other bells n whistles too.
What's new for 2020? PLENTY

2X Custom Team Labels

1. Available when you design your draft board w/ Draft Board Genie,
and you select a qualifying size.
2. Available with all
Elephant configurations

Baseball Trophies and Awards
High-end, low-end and everything in-between.

Major Improvements to Reusable
Draft Boards & ALL Banner Products

20% Thicker, 80% Heavier...for MUCH better durability.

New Shipping Option--INTERNATIONAL
You are going to love this new, less expensive international
service. Look for Fedex/Postal Hybrid service at checkout.
It'll take 10-15 days to arrive, but it will be much less
expensive than the Fedex Express rates IN MOST CASES.