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What's new for 2021? PLENTY

New Position in All Sets
Since Covid forced NL to use the DH last year many players [even in NL] qualified at DH for 2021.
And when you have AL players that play only at DH, there isn't really a point to list Nelson Cruz at OF or
Edwin Encarnacion as 1B.

Our label sets now include 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, C, OF, DH, SP, RP
2X Custom Team Labels

1. Available when you design your draft board w/ Draft Board Genie,
and you select a qualifying size.
2. Available with all
Elephant configurations

Rockin' Roller Fantasy Baseball Trophy The Rockin' Roller Baseball Trophy

This LARGE trophy will be our most popular in 2021. Order now before it is out of stock.