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AS OF 2024, Bruno's is the only vendor of Reusable Draft Board Stands in the industry. FYI

All of our Draft Board Stands are Reusable and Elevate Your Draft Board for Visibility
Elephant Panel Stand Each panel is 2ft x 6ft (W x H). Panels lock together to support whatever size you need. And because the stand is 6 feet tall, you draft board will be elevated so everyone can see. Most of our larger draft boards will require 3+ panels. Some smaller sizes will get by with 2. Panel Stand Assembly Video.

Panel Stand Assembly Instructions

Tabletop Tension Stands Available ONLY with off-the-shelf Medium and Jumbo 12-team. Must upgrade to banner stock to use stand.

Floor Style Tension Stands Available with Reusable draft boards or when you upgrade from paper to banner stock.

Quick note regarding sizes: The vast majority of our draft boards will fit on 3 panels (football not so much as we have even bigger draft boards for football). But there are some circumstances where the baseball draft board will require 4 panels. You'll see this rare option on those kits that require 4 panels.

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2024 Fantasy Football Draft Board Stand Elephant Panel Stand - 3 panels

Reusable Draft Board Stand
•Basically a wall-in-a-box
•Double-wall cardboard
•6-ft tall when assembled
•Sold by the 24" panel, depending on your draft board size
•Most draft boards require 3 panels
•Launched 2016

Our Price: $64.00