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Customizing your draft board is simple

  1. Launch the Genie App
  2. Choose Reusable or One-Time Use
  3. Adjust Size, Colors, Logos, etc
  4. Preview & Approve Final Design
  5. Add to Cart & Checkout

Off-The-Shelf vs Custom

You want a draft board you can see easily, but you don't want to customize it, huh? Or maybe you just want to customize your Managers' names. And you definitely want to see it from across the room (or county). Look no further.

Check 'em Out

Custom Draft Boards

Sometimes you just want to make a bigger splash at the draft party. The Draft Board Genie allows you to build your own from scratch, where you’ll pick the size, league name and colors and even add graphics if that’s your cup of tea. If you’d rather we did the work, we offer this option too.

Build Your Board

Premium Fantasy Baseball Draft Boards with all the bells and whistles.