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Bruno's Loyalty Program

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UPDATED JUNE 16, 2019...(mostly having to do with the explanation, not really the program)
Bruno's realizes that you have choices when it comes to running your draft and appreciates that you've given us a chance to earn your business. Accordingly, we have developed a plan that rewards you for continued support.

How it works

We will update your account with preferred pricing based on your recent purchases. After your first draft kit purchase, your account will be eligible for $3 off, going forward as long as you continue to order every year. After 2 consecutive purchases, you'll see a $5 discount. These discounts are PER KIT.

If you skip a season, your discount amount declines. We will update the discount values for the following season at the conclusion of the current season.

To summarize....
First purchase @ Bruno's.....full price
2nd purchase following year......$3 off each kit
3rd and subsequent.......$5 off each kit

If this is confusing, just keep buying at Bruno's to be sure you get the discount.

Preferred pricing is in addition to most other discounts.

Just log in with the same email address and password to see the discounts. If the discount seems to be incorrect or if you have difficulty in logging in, email us at [email protected] or call (314)961-KITS. A common problem occurs when customers order with different email addresses over the years. We can correct it manually, just let us know if this happens.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: Once you log in and add a kit to your cart, YOU WILL NOT SEE A LINE ITEM DISCOUNT. Rather, the price comes right off the item. So you'll see a regular price and "your" price. Once the item is in your cart, there are no other references to see the discount. To ensure you are getting the discount, simply look at the 2 prices prior to adding it to your cart.

The Fine Print

  • Discount is capped at $5. You'll still be eligible for max discount going forward as long as you meet the other conditions.
  • Discount does not apply to shipping
  • You are no longer eligible for cumulative discounts if you skip consecutive football and baseball seasons. You would start over at full price if you did not meet the requirements.
  • The system will apply discounts only if the email address matches the address we have on file for you. Make sure to call us if there are any problems.
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel this promotion without further notice.
  • If changes ownership in the future, this promotion would be subject to their rules.
  • Products other than draft kits may be discounted at different rates or not at all.