Things are a bit different for Baseball 2022 Everyone (especially Fedex and USPS) are dealing with labor shortages

We used to have a table that showed exactly what you are going to spend on shipping, and we'd tweak it every so often to account for the latest rates from USPS and Fedex. Since rates are extremely dependent on distance and size nowadays, we had to go to more of an "explanation" page, which is here. You'll see the actual rates at checkout.

What's new in 2022? Covid and labor shortages have decimated Fedex and USPS! What can we say? During football 2021, practically nothing got there on time. And this is not a BDK issue. We're smack-dab in the middle of the country, so we get things to both coasts as efficiently as possible. But this is regardless of who you get a draft board from, even if they tell you otherwise. Accordingly, Bruno's cannot guarantee that your package will arrive on time. WE WILL DO OUR BEST TO GET IT THERE ON TIME. We always have. But once we hand the package off to the carrier, we have no way to prevent them from taking too long.

WE ENHANCED OUR RETURNS POLICY for Baseball 2022. For past 2 years, we said "no returns". But this season, we're allowing returns on non-custom items, subject to a restocking fee. See our Returns policy for complete details.

General Shipping Strategies
Order sooner than later, obviously. We most likely won't be putting out an update in 2022 due to the lockout, so if you know your league is going to need a draft board, order it now, especially since we improved our returns policy for 2022.
Envelopes ship cheaper than tubes. Medium and Jumbo 2-board option ships in an envelope, fyi. Elephant, Jumbo 12x25 and Customs ship in tubes. Obviously, tubes eliminate creases, but they ship as 5-10 pounds instead of 1 pound or so.
DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT RELY on Fedex Ground or USPS Priority Mail maps from St. Louis for timing, although they should be pretty close. While St. Louis to NYC is USUALLY a RELIABLE 2Day transit via Ground, more often than not, this shipment will take 3-4 days with ground. So plan on that.
Custom Draft Boards also have a lead time of a few days to produce. More often than not, we ship these out faster than we promise in case shipping is getting delayed.

WE MIGHT roll out an option for folded custom draft boards, but for now, we don't have the labor to fold all of the draft boards.

If something is unclear, please accept our apologies for being reserved in how much information we're giving. Feel free to call us or leave a message if you want to discuss so we can get you in the right product.