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What's new for 2023? PLENTY

Folded Draft save big on shipping.
(Actually new last year, but we wanted to keep this one up in case you didn't order last year)

Fedex started hitting our rolled draft boards over 48" (includes many of our products)
a few years ago.

The United States Post Office just instituted a MID-YEAR surcharge on all items over 30 inches in April. This literally doubled our shipping cost on well over
half our items.

Bruno's now offers (for a small fee) a folded upgrade option on nearly all of our paper draft boards.
Magnetic Draft Board IMPROVEMENTS
  • A new Index/Cross Reference list is provided with the updated players as well as the main kits. Alphabetized so you can find players more quickly.
  • New option for DRY ERASE blanks. Great for owners that use the draft board more than once each year.

The Adonis Draft Board
  • A fun take on our Elephant draft boards
  • 12T x 16R

Custom Team Label Ordering Enhancements

You won't notice too much here. When searching through old sets of labels, you will be able to select which set you want rather than scrolling and examining each.

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Rockin' Roller Fantasy Baseball Trophy Rockin-Roller Fantasy Baseball Trophy - Large

Fantasy Baseball Trophy | Large (New Trophy)
•Champ or any other award
•Smooth guitar on rough background
•Sleek golden finish
•9.25" tall and 1lb 9oz

Our Price: $35.99