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The world's first (and only) magnetic draft board kit that comes with a rigid backer. Just get the draft board, and next year you'll just need the updated players.

So what's different about the magnetic draft boards?
Plenty. Here are some of the major differences between our traditional and magnetic draft boards.
Material used Flexible magnetic sheeting,
mounted on foamboard or plastic (coroplast)
Paper on banner
Reusability Yes One-time
However, a Reusable is available
Label size Jumbo (2" x 5") Medium, Jumbo, Elephant, Paul Bunyan
Year 1 cost $65+ $37-$105
Year 2 cost $44+ Same as year 1
Customizable No Yes, many varieties
Product weight Generally 20lb+ 1-6lb, generally
On-Deck Stand Available Not Available
Main Stands Available, similar to
tension stand
Cardboard stands (paper boards)
Tension stands (banners)

PRODUCT AVAILABILITY UPDATE AUGUST 19,2022 We are sold out of Magnetic Kits for the 2022 season.

If you have a Magnetic Draft Board from 2020-21, you can still get the updates. However, you must get the "Poor Man's Special"

What is the Poor Man's Special? Basically, we give you player plates from last year, and you put the 2022 stickers on yourself. Or you tell everyone the draft starts an hour earlier than it really does, and make your league mates tackle some sticker duty. It's not ideal, but you'll at least have a draft board to use.
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Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Magnetic Football Draft Kit-Jumbo

Magnetic (Reusable) Football Draft Board w/NFL Players

•Jumbo-sized players. 10 Square In.
•Rigid (not flimsy) backer
•8, 12, 16 teams x 18 rounds
•Reusable Stand available
•PLASTIC (hinged) Backer
•Wood-grain background
•Launched 2020

Our Price: $126.00

Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Annual Update Current Year Players for Magnetic Draft Board

Magnetic Current Year Updates
•Past Magnetics Customers: Log in for discounted price
QB, RB, WR, TE, K for current season
•DOES NOT INCLUDE D/ST but can be added
•Price increases throughout the summer...order early
•Availability not guaranteed after August 1 (but generally available)
•Magnetic-receptive backing allows our magnetic backer to hold without adhesive

Unregistered Customer Price $75.00

2022 Magnetic Draft Board Magnetic Draft Board Panel

Plastic/Hinged Magnetic Panel
•Designed for our Magnetic Draft Board
•1 panel holds 1 skin (4 teams)
•Plastic, NOT a Foamboard Backer.
•Hinged for better storage and shipping.
•Launched 2021

Our Price: $28.00
On-Deck Panel Ala carte On-Deck Panel Ala carte

The On-Deck Panel
•"who's left" "next up" or "available players"
•Just move Mahomes from On-Deck to the Magnetic Draft Board
•Available with or without stand(s)
•Each panel holds approx. 75 players
•Launched 2020

Our Price: $27.00

2022 Magnetic Draft Board Stand On-Deck Stand

On-Deck Stand
•Holds 1 On-Deck Panel (sold separately)
•Normally placed next to main draft board
•4 feet tall
•Black Furniture-Grade PVC
•Easy to assemble
•Launched 2020

Our Price: $32.00
Magnetic Draft Board Stand Magnetic Draft Board Stand

Magnetic Draft Board Stand
•Holds up to 3 magnetic panels per stand
•4 feet tall.
•No wall space needed
•8, 12, 16 team options
•Easy to assemble
•Launched 2020

Our Price: $45.00

2021 Magnetic Draft Board Skin Magnetic Draft Board Skin

Magnetic Draft Board Skin
•Roll draft board onto magnetic panels
•4 teams x 18 rounds
•Only $11 when ordered with annual player updates
•Launched 2020>

Our Price: $16.00
Defense/Special Teams for Magnetic Update Defense/Special Teams for Magnetic Update

Defense/Special Teams for Magnetic Update
•Compatible w/ every Magnetic Update, regardless of year
•No bye-week so you can use for multiple years

Our Price: $8.00
Magnetic Individual Defensive Players | Bruno's Individual Defensive Players for Magnetics

Individual Defensive Players for Magnetic Draft Board
•Comes with FULL set of traditional IDP labels
•Comes with blanks for IDP labels
•You apply the stickers before placing on draft board
•You pick the quantity needed

Our Price: $10.00
Magnetic Draft Board Team Squares | Bruno's Team Squares for Top of Draft Board (custom or blank)

Team Squares for Magnetic Draft Board
•4" x 5" (not perfectly square) for you league's teams
•Comes as white to write your names
•Or affix our custom team labels to them
•Save for next year

Our Price: $7.00

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