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Until Custom Draft Board Prices Increase
We have limited resources to produce custom draft boards, and when it gets late in the season, it is difficult/impossible to get them done as quickly as we do in Feb. Accordingly, the prices for custom draft boards increases $2 per day beginning March 9 through the end of the season. Please try to order as early as possible and list an ACCURATE draft date on your order.

We now offer the TWO biggest label sizes in fantasy baseball since a competitor discontinued their large one.
The Elephant and Jumbo labels are the biggest/2nd biggest at 14 and 10 square inches, resp.
FYI, if you are interested in football, our Paul Bunyan is 28 sq in.
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2023 Fantasy Baseball Draft Board | Draft Board Genie Custom Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit (using Draft Board Genie)

Custom Baseball Draft Board
•Launch app and design away
•Customize everything including graphics
•8-18 teams x 12-38 rounds
•Available w/ Med, Jumbo, Elephant Labels
•Launched 2014
•Small, Deep, Super-Deep Player Pools
•Auction or Standard format

Base Price $53.00

2023 Fantasy Baseball Draft Board Custom fantasy baseball draft kit

Custom Baseball Draft Board
•We design it for you (no Genie)
•Customize League Name, Color, Dimensions
•8-18 teams x 12-39 rounds
•Available w/ Med, Jumbo, Elephant Labels
•Launched 2009
•Small, Deep, Super-Deep Player Pools
•More customization options w/Draft Board Genie

Base Price $53.00