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Huge IMPROVEMENTS for International Customers in 2018
  • Shipping We added a service that can cut your shipping cost in half. Seriously. Look for Fedex/Postal Hybrid shipping option at checkout. Hybrid method takes approx 12-20 days (choose Premium option if less than a month for only a few bux more), depending on your location! Don't wait till last minute. We still offer Fedex services if you wait too long FYI.
  • Packaging Hybrid service above does not force us to ship in flat-rate envelope. So you have tremendous variety PLUS reduced shipping costs.
  • New Website Section Just for International. You can order anything in the store, but these items are most likely going to appeal to smaller leagues that don't necessarily want all the advanced options available elsewhere on the site.
  • We still have the Express options but you can choose others if you have some time before your draft.
  • Promotions You don't have to be left out on our promotions. Including our Trophy of The Day promo.
UPDATED 7/12/18: We earlier posted that we are not going to collect taxes on your behalf in most cases. Turns out we have to in some cases, including Canada. If you ordered in early July, you got sales taxes on the house. You're welcome. We will not collect taxes in most countries going forward, but we may have to in yours. You'll see whether we do or not at checkout. Believe us, we don't want to collect sales taxes either, but Fedex pays the taxes on your behalf and bills us.

We will be adding to the international products periodically. MOST, if not all, of the draft boards shown in this section will be the folded variety. Again, you can get a custom or reusable draft board, but we still recommend folded for international orders.
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Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Board Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Kit-INTERNATIONAL

Jumbo Draft Board w/ NFL players. Efficiently packaged for international shipping.

Our Price: $45.00
Fantasy Football Draft Board MEDIUM Football Draft Kit - International

Jumbo Draft Board w/ NFL players. Efficiently packaged for international shipping.

Our Price: $40.00
Barney Badass Fantasy Football Trophy from Bruno's Barney Badass Medium Football Trophy

7.25in tall.  Nearly 1lb.

Our Price: $25.99
Custom Fantasy Football Draft Board Custom fantasy football draft kit-International ONLY

Jumbo Draft Board w/ NFL players. Efficiently packaged for international shipping.

You tell us your specs, and we put it together for you. Only a few bucks more than our Medium Off-The-Shelf draft kit. 3 label sizes available: Medium, Jumbo, Elephant. For faster turnaround and even more features, try the Draft Board Genie.

Base Price $43.00
Removable labels Removable labels - Canada ONLY

Removable labels without the draft board, designed to be used with Bruno's Reusable Draft Board.

Our Price: $57.00

Same as Medium Draft Board in US--Just for Canadians Fantasy Football Draft Board with Player Labels (Now with 14 TEAMS)--Canada Only

14-team NFL Draft Board WITH defensive players ships out of Toronto for Canadian residents only

SOLD OUT FOR 2018. Order Medium Kit from USA.

Our Price: $65.00

Jumbo Football Draft Board Canada ONLY Jumbo draft kit 12Teams x 18Rounds

Jumbo 12-Team NFL Draft Board and Player Labels for Canadian residents ONLY--FREE SHIPPING FROM TORONTO

Our Price: $65.00