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Key points for 2023 (Non USA/Non Canada)

SUPER-CHEAP HYBRID SHIPPING HAS ENDED FOR 2023. Fedex is your only option.

NEW FLAT-RATE Draft Board (see below)

•The best option for most international drafts
•Feel free to shop the rest of the store, but you won't see the flat-rate benefit

Super Cheap Fedex Hybrid Shipping is back
•Slow...2 weeks to Europe. 3-4 weeks elsewhere.
•But Cheap. Envelopes generally around $20. Tubes a bit more.
•Hybrid shipping will likely end early this year (probably Early - Mid July)
•Can add trophies and other custom items affordably
•Not for the Flat-Rate item below

We've Stopped Collecting Taxes
•Your bill with us will be lower
•You MIGHT be presented with a tax bill at delivery. But you MIGHT NOT.
•There is a chance we have to change this policy for your country. We'll contact you if this is the case.

NEW Folding Option
•Available with MOST products throughout the store
•Allows you to get our larger draft boards without getting killed on shipping
•Not for our reusable draft boards or any draft boards that are on a banner

PUERTO RICO, GUAM AND ANY OTHER US TERRITORY...You should not shop from this page as you get domestic rates via Priority Mail.
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Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Board | Bruno's Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Kit-INTERNATIONAL

Jumbo Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
Available anywhere EXCEPT USA & Canada
•Not our biggest. But bigger than any others that ship internationally.
•12 Teams x 18 Rounds
•Jumbo Labels (10 square inches). Heavy-weight 100# Draft Board.
•Your league will be impressed with this purchase
•We have bigger and Custom/Reusable options, but they are more costly to ship.

Price w Hybrid Shipping $75.00