Elephant Panel Stand
  • Huge Each panel is 6 ft x 2 ft. Draft board is elevated several feet above the ground.
  • Versatile Order quantity based on your draft board. Panels lock together for added support and durability.
  • Massive Upgrade from Prior Cardboard Stand Double-wall cardboard and much sturdier. 3 panel option, for example, is more than 5X the weight of our old stand.
  • Reusable You won't want to order one of these every year. Store it in the oversized shipping box post-draft.
  • Oversize package ships as 53 pounds 1 panel or 4 panels...Shipping is the same with all options. Depending on where you live, shipping is approx $10-$20 more than our old stands. Keep this in mind if you are considering a larger draft board next year.
  • Progressive Pricing
    • 1 panel $25 each
    • 2 panels $21 each
    • 3 panels $18 each
    • 4 panels $16 each
    • 5 panels $15 each
  • No need to upgrade from paper to banner as you do with our tension stands.
  • Order as option on desired draft board.
Assembly Instructions Video