LATE SEASON MODE IS HERE! Updated August 29 @ 12pm cst
Sorry to be long-winded.

LATE-SEASON MODE At the end of the season, the name of the game is getting the draft boards out the door fast. We are already sold out of several items (see list at bottom of page). And we're going to be stocking out of others in the days ahead. We're also reducing the customization options on the site so we can ship more orders...faster. By the end of the week, you'll see only a handful of products available, FYI.
New for 2021
Jumbo 12Tx18R Board w/ Jumbo Labels
Ships in envelope to keep shipping costs down
Ground, 3Day, 2Day, Next Day AM or PM available

We deal with this stuff every year. And we've gotten pretty darn good at hitting draft dates, even in the most
unlikely of scenarios. We cannot update this every single day, so we're trying to be as comprehensive as possible.

First, a few IMPORTANT general notes....Our Fedex reps tell us everything is fine with Ground right now. We do not
believe them. We are fielding far more calls from concerned customers regarding late ground shipments, especially
larger packages. If you have 5 Calendar days (6 on West Coast) before your draft, or if you're within 1000 miles of St. Louis,
Ground is fine. Otherwise, consider upgrading the shipping choice at checkout. As we get close to Labor Day weekend, Ground
becomes less viable across the board. WE ARE IN HURRICANE SEASON, and even if you don't live in the Southeast US,
hurricane rains generally hit Memphis, Fedex's main Express terminal. This can delay airplanes getting out, even if you
live in Seattle. FINALLY, see our list of 2021 stockouts below.

General note #2....Bigger draft boards cost more to ship than smaller draft boards that fit in an envelope. If you get to the
checkout page and you see that it costs $75 to overnight an elephant, that's because it ships as 8-12 pounds vs an envelope that
ships for $35 +/- overnight.

General note #3....Custom draft board production time is 3-4 days. You can upgrade to 1 day production for $20, but make sure
to factor this into your planning....FYI, 1Day means "if you order on Monday, it ships Tuesday" and Saturday/Sunday count as
Monday. You will likely have to upgrade production AND shipping on custom draft boards.

General note #4.....IF YOU ARE NOT GOING TO USE BRUNO'S, and you find a company that uses Priority Mail (USPS) are playing Russian Roulette w/ your draft board. We use Priority and have gotten burned this year more than others. One of our customers' boards took 5 days to get 250 miles, and their draft was ruined. It happens occasionally, but think twice if you are relying on The Post Office.

Domestic Shipping
Ground - Could be Fedex or USPS.
Sample TRANSIT TIMES (Consider the day after we hand the package to carrier as Day 1) from St. Louis. We TRY
TO GET NON-CUSTOM ORDERS OUT SAME DAY, but do not count on this in your analysis. Add an extra 1-2 days
to the times below to be safe.

1 Travel Day......Chicago, KC and Memphis
2 Days.......Denver, Philly, Detroit, New Orleans, Houston
3 Travel Days......Miami, Boston, LA are NORMALLY
4 Days......Seattle and SF

Express - Includes Standard & Priority Overnight, 2Day, 3D
The Day AFTER we ship the item is considered Day 1. If we ship a 2D package on Monday, Wednesday is the EXPECTED delivery
date. Fedex treats overnight as more of a priority than 2Day or 3Day shipments, fyi. But this doesn't mean that Overnight gets there
100% of the time on the next day. We have a customer in Texas that ordered overnight on Thursday, and it didn't get there on Friday.
THE POINT.....if you know you're gonna need a draft board, order it now rather than waiting until the day before.

Out of stock items include (do not order the items below). These will be back in stock in 2022.

  • REUSABLE DRAFT BOARDS (Custom only. We still have magnetics)
  • All Stands including Panel Stands, Tension Stands and Magnetic Stand (includes On-Deck)
  • Custom Team Labels...Not out of stock but unavailable as we are short-staffed and hustling like mad to get your orders shipped
  • Several trophy styles...including the Ittie Bittie. We still have a ton available, but you'll see numerous ones are out now.
What if my draft board arrives late? We already have a no-returns policy because of Covid for 2021, but for 8/29 throughout the rest of the season, we are offering a slightly more favorable policy to you in the even your draft boad(s) do not make it on time. Understand that in 2021 Fedex/UPS DO NOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY TIMES on any service except Priority and Standard Overnight. Therefore, Bruno's does not offer a guarantee or accept returns on any service except Standard/Priority Overnight. And when we do offer relief, it is solely up to the discretion of Bruno's, and IT WILL DEPEND ON WHETHER OR NOT FEDEX APPROVES OUR CLAIM for late delivery. Worst'll have a draft board for next year already. We generally try not to leave you completely high and dry, but we manage these on a case by case basis.

Late delivery example....You order a $60 draft board and pay $50 for overnight, and you draft board arrives late because of a hurricane. We'll file a claim with Fedex, which will likely be denied due to circumstances beyond their control (weather). Therefore, we would not be able to provide relief to you.
Example #2........Same scenario as above except the late reason was that Fedex just didn't get the package there on time. We'll file a claim, and if it is approved, we'll refund you the $50 for shipping. And we will provide you with labels next year for draft board, which you will keep.