Football 2022
Have you heard the term "supply chain" lately? If GM, Applebees, HP, Etc are having supply chain issues, believe us...Bruno's and every other place that sells physical goods is too.

We'll try to update this periodically throughout the pre-season. But this is what we have so far.

Product/CategoryComponentIssueImpactWhat we're doing about it
ShippingLarge items in particularPost Office enacted a MID YEAR surcharge
of $15 on anything over 30 inches in addition
to substantial increases on smaller items.

As of 4/14, most of our competitors don't even
know about this as there hasn't been too
much publicity on this recent announcement.
ALL of our rolled draft boards
and stands are longer than 30".

•Offering a folded option for just about everything we sell.
•Shrinking dead space in our packaging wherever possible.
•Shrinking the overall outer package size where possible.
•Looking at other carriers to deliver packages if it make sense.
•We have to adjust (aka "raise") rates in some cases.

Fedex/UPS rates have skyrocketted lately too.

Example....a rolled Elephant 12Tx21R board
weighs 4 pounds but ships as 12 pounds.
All rolled boards ship heavier than actual weight.
ALL things PVCTension stands and
Magnetic Draft Board
PVC prices have gone up across the board,
along with all plastics.
Expect stands to be more costly
than last year.
We bought double the amount we need to get the best pricing
we could to keep increases to a minimum.
We're probably not talking about huge increases here, probably
in the neighborhood of $5 on a stand.
LabelsAll non-magnetic
Two issues here
•Paper (commodity) has skyrocketed. And there
is a labor strike in Finland that impacts
most of the backer paper on label sheets in
the United States.
•There was an explosion at a toner factory
in Japan last August that forced all
production to stop PLUS the regular supply
chain issues.
•Printed labels will go up
in price, probably very slightly
•You'll see multiple options
to get what you need while
reducing waste
•Ordered double the material we normally do at this point
•Continuing the "small" player pool
•Eliminating some products that don't sell well (punters)
Our printing cost has increased at least 25% from 2021, and
that's just the cost of toner. Labels will go up as well. Luckily,
we have enough volume and print on double-sized sheets
so our costs are more controllable than other companies.
LaborEverythingEven though we're in a $10 minimum wage
state, we have to pay our staff way more than
$10 an hour to find summer workers.
Just another thing to put upward
pressure on prices.

•Hiring fewer workers than in the past
•Changing our traditional work schedule