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Reusable Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit (Draft Board Genie)

Reusable Baseball Draft Board

Price includes up to 8 teams x 17 rounds on a single draft board. Larger sizes add slightly to cost. Launch Genie for specifics.
See description for size restrictions on Reusable Draft Board.
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Our Price: $105.00 Price includes your choice of team colors
Mobile users: Custom Team Labels - Manual

Availability:: Permanently Sold Out

Customization Options Included with Reusable Kits

Color scheme*:

Draft Board Specs

Teams (columns)*:

Rounds (rows)*:

League Name*:

Reusable Draft Board Stands

Choose a stand option*:
No stand
Elephant Panel Stand - select size in next section
Plastic Reusable Tension stand $40 & up-select size in next section
Upgrade Materials

Elephant Panel Stand:

Reusable Elevated Tension Stands OPTIONAL

Tension Stand-Teams (width):

Tension Stand-Rounds (height):


Not currently available
Custom Team Labels

Enter team names:

Reusable Boards--Production Time

Production time:

Other Draft Board Optimizers

Auction stickers:

Middle and Corner Infielders Set:
Middle and corner infielders set [Add $5.00]
Less Common Add-Ons
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Position Labels [Add $3.50]

Description Technical Specs
Custom & REUSABLE Draft Boards
Looking for year to year value but still want an awesome draft board that is the envy to everyone? Look no further.

First a friendly disclaimer: BEWARE OF COPYCAT PRODUCTS OUT THERE! If you're going to spend $100 on a draft board, make sure it has large labels as THERE IS NOTHING WORSE THAN BEING MARRIED TO A CRUMMY DRAFT BOARD WITH SMALL LABELS. If you go with a "magnetic" option, understand that you MUST take a photo of your draft board OFTEN as the magnets are very weak, and the weight of all those magnets make it susceptible to falling off the wall. Also, understand that magnets are very costly, so the player pool will be small, and the players will be small. We have been selling this product for nearly a decade and have not gone to a magnetic option because we would not be able to offer a customizable option with big players at an affordable price. This is bar-none, the best reusable draft board out there. Call us to learn more.

About Our Reusable Draft Boards
Made from heavy-duty polypropylene banner. Heavier and thicker than ever after a recent upgrade.
•Laminated to look really cool & to allow labels to peel off
•Features our jumbo (10 square inches) labels with special adhesive that aides in removal after the draft. "Kinda" like a post-it note.
•Includes any color scheme you want. You can even add logos with the Draft Board Genie.
•Custom Team Labels included at no charge. Even though the Genie allows you to customize this right on the draft board, we recommend you do not since it will be permanent. Just customize the labels we include
•Size restrictions
•Max size for 8-10 teams...27 rounds w/o League Name or 26 rounds w/ League Name.
•Max size 12+ teams....24 rounds w/o League Name or 23 w/League Name
IMPORTANT Special notes on care and removal of labels:
  1. There may be some adhesive residue remaining on board after removing labels. It can be rubbed off, but it shouldn't be too noticeable unless you are just a few feet from the board. If you do rub it off, do not use anything sharp as the print will get scratched off the board.
  2. When removing labels, don't let your fingernails scratch the board. And don't use anything sharp. Just be careful when removing so your draft board does not get too scratched up. It will take a few minutes of patience to remove them, but you should be able to do it.
  3. Roll, do not fold as creases in this material will not look good.
  4. If you get the tension stand, do not pull the edges with excessive force. They should be pulled TIGHT but NOT EXCESSIVELY TIGHT. If draft board is not taught with the first loop of the strap, you can double back on the loop (1 1/2 loops) or reloop (2 loops). The stand is not made from steel, so don't use excessive force when applying labels. It may sway just a bit when you apply the labels, but you should have no problems when simply using the draft board in a normal draft environment.
  5. If using tension stand, NEVER try to remove the labels while still on the stand. Take the draft board off the stand and lay onto a flat surface to remove them.
  6. While you can remove the labels and reuse them, we do not recommend doing this as it will be tedious to take them off and to reorganize them. Plus they will not look quite as good on the second use.
Instructional video - Introduction
Instructional video - Tab 1
Instructional video - Tab 2 Size
Draft Board Genie Instructional Video Tab 3 - Color

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