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Magnetic Football Draft Kit-Elephant

Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Elephant Size
Fresh New Look features a weathered blue-washed wood background. More photos coming soon.

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It is IDENTICAL to the original magnetic draft board except the following:
  • Player Plates are 40% Bigger
  • Each panel will hold 3 teams instead of 4, so you'll need 1 extra panel (16T will need 2)
  • Elephant Magnetic comes with 3 Panels Standard instead of 2 w/Jumbo
  • Each panel supports 15 rounds instead of 18
  • On-Deck panel and stand will also be limited to 3 teams per panel instead of 4
  • To maintain a clean look, there will be a gap of approx 1.5" between the columns
  • Blanks are 1-time use
  • The annual updates will be approx. $15 more than the Jumbos

•Magnetic, so yeah, it is reusable. Just get updated players every year.
•Does not trigger oversize shipping charges, even though it weighs 20+ lb. in many cases
•Each panel holds 3 teams. For 12 teams, you'd need 4 panels.

Our Price: $179.00
Mobile users: Custom Team Labels

Availability:: 2024 Available•Ships July

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Description Technical Specs
Biggest Magnetic Labels on the Market

Initial Purchase
Next Year's Update Package
will include
*Make sure to keep the D/ST (orange) as they do not have byes and are only available as an add-on after the initial purchase.

    • Elephant Players Same size as our Elephant Labels. 5.5" wide x 2.5" tall.
      • Includes the following positions w/ Byes on each label:
        • QB,RB,WR,TE,K
      • Includes the following WITHOUT byes:
        • D/ST included w/ initial purchase only.Save the D/ST Players for use next year as they will not be included.
    • Draft Board features our new weathered wood-grain background, complete with turquoise finish. Not customizable. Accommodates 15 rounds & comes in 3-team panels:
      • 8-9 Teams: 3 Panels (included in base price)
      • 10-12 Teams: 4 Panels
      • 13-15 Teams: 5 Panels
    • Semi-rigid backer (super important)
      • Allows players to stick AND stay on the draft board
    • Optional Stand is similar to our tension stands but does not rely on pulling the draft board from different directions to create a rigid surface.
      • Sturdier than tension stands. They have to be as the magnetic is much much heavier than our Reusable Draft Boards.
      • Stands approx 4 feet tall.

    Options available w/ Magnetic Draft Boards are a little different than with our regular draft boards. We'll send you the optional extras on Elephant sheets of labels PLUS we'll send you a set of blank plates for you to put the extras onto. Yes, it is a bit more work, but it will get you the extras.
    • Custom Team Names your league's team names preprinted a 2X Jumbo Label PLUS blank magnets. You adhere the sticker to the magnet. Save these for next year.
    • Defensive Players (aka "IDP's") available in standard or deep pool
    • Other subsets are available as Elephant stickers, but you would need to order additional blanks. Works just like the custom team names above.
This item appears on the Canada-Only page simply because the annual player updates are relatively affordable and ship easily from the USA. To maximize the value, we recommend you get all the big items you will need on your first purchase to avoid big shipping charges in the future. We have plans to offer the replacement players as a Canada-Only product in 2023 as long as there are enough of our Magnetics in circulation. FYI

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