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Removable labels - Football - for 2X Jumbo Team Box

Reusable Fantasy Football Draft Board

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If you bought a reusable draft board from us in 2019 or later and your team boxes are 2X Jumbo size (team box is 4" tall instead of 2"), log in to your account. You'll see these special labels priced at just $41.
If your team box is only 2" tall (generally gold labels in the past),
order the team labels for older draft boards as the team labels on this product will be too big.

Our Price: $75.00 See details for pricing info
Special Note: Remember to add the custom team labels. Set comes with blank team labels.
Promotional Information: If you bought a Reusable Draft Board from us in the past, sign in for the deeply discounted rate.
Mobile users: Custom Team Labels

Availability:: 2022 Order Now | Ships June


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Custom Team Labels

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Less Common Add-Ons

Extra set of team labels [Add $2.00]IE. SEA, BUF, TEN, ETC

2nd extra set of team labels [Add $2.00]

NFL Head Coaches [Add $2.00]

Position Labels [Add $3.50]

10-pack Tension Bands [Add $3.00]For Tension Stands

Removable labels designed exclusively for use with our reusable draft boards. If you bought a reusable draft board from us in 2019 OR LATER and your draft board features a team box with a height of 4", log in with your account information to get the labels at a substantially discounted price. If you did not, you can still get the labels, just at a much higher price. When you order a reusable draft kit, your account will be upgraded to the special pricing for future label purchases.
Some important notes about these labels: the sooner you remove the labels from the draft board, the easier they will be to remove. We've tested them extensively, and they definitely come off easily with the our laminated draft boards. If you leave the labels on there for several weeks, they may or may not come off easily. These labels are designed to work exclusively with our laminated draft boards. They may or may not remove from any other surfaces, including other laminated surfaces. We make no claim that these labels will remove from any other surface. In fact, we do not recommend you buy these labels if you did not get a laminated draft board from us in the past.

A Faster Way to Remove Labels