July 30, 2022


Get 'em while they're hot folks. Just order any trophy or trophies with any draft kit (besides the Medium off-the-shelf), and you'll save 20%.

$40 off on Championship Belts

PLUS free shipping on the entire order. Our Belts are even semi-custom. Pleather included but you can upgrade to leather.


We hear all the time how so many leagues have adopted a DraftKings/Fanduel standard in their house leagues. Finally, in a year when printing costs have skyrocketed, especially with our huge labels, we've made them optional.


Since the Magnetic Draft Board only goes to 18 rounds, there really isn't a need for a Super Deep Player pool. So at the request of Alan in Illinois, we added a deeper WR/RB option. There are 46 QB & TE, so there was just not much of a need for anything except WR/RB. You'll see the option when ordering.

Elephant Panel Stands Back In Stock

We had a bit of a disaster last year. In case you didn't hear (and this is on Bruno himself), we ran out of stands mid season. The day we got them back in stock, the midwest equivalent of the hurricane that Forest Gump and Lieutenant Dan weathered, rolled through St. Louis. We left the stands on the the warehouse floor, and 90% of our new stock got wiped out. But they're back in stock now.

Cost-Effective Shipping Options

We hate high shipping costs, and since most of our draft boards are of the large variety, we get creamed with every new shipping rate by Fedex/UPS and now even the Post Office. As of 2022, we're offering folding as well as rolling on most draft boards, even custom.

Magnetic Player Updates...order early for best prices

As you know from last year, these kits will sell out. If you got a magnetic draft board from us last year, make sure to order 2022 updates before July 6 for the best price.


We still offer the biggest draft boards. Don't worry about that. But we've taken steps to keep the oversize charges to a minimum. Folding (mentioned above) and some reconfigurations have been made to help. You'll see some other steps we've taken too.

Free Money....seriously

Ever wonder if anyone is really paying attention? Would anyone notice if I didn't turn in those TPS reports? Well we do too. If you find this little nugget, take $2 off, just because you actually read this far into the details on our site. Use coupon "sneaky" at checkout. Of course, if too many people are as perceptive as you, we'll cancel the promotion as we will have our answer. For now though, be our guest.

International (outside of Canada/US)

The hybrid shipping option is officially dead for 2022 as we just cannot guarantee it'll get there in time. For the rest of the season, Fedex Priority and Economy are our only two options. We put together a straight-forward product Flat-Rate Jumbo, which includes shipping. It's big but not so big that it really impacts shipping. Feel free to get something else, but this product will cover most international needs perfectly.

Our Top Sellers

As always, The Bigger, The Better!

2022 Fantasy Football Draft Board • Adonis Elephant Football Draft Kit -ADONIS

Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
•Our Newest Draft Board
•Identical to our Elephant except graphic
•12 Teams x 16 Rounds
•Rolled AND folded options
•Launched 2022

Our Price: $70.00
Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Board Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Fantasy Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
•Our 3rd Biggest Label (10 sq in)
•12/16 teams x 18 rounds
•folded & rolled options
•Small, Standard, Deep Player Pools
•Launched 2009

Our Price: $45.00

Biggest Fantasy Football Draft Board The Paul Bunyan Football Draft Kit

Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
•Biggest Label (28in2) on the planet
•Biggest Draft Board (10' +/-) on the planet
•12/14 teams x 15/17 rounds
•Rolled OR FOLDED (new option)
•Because you want to make a statement this year
•Launched 2018

Our Price: $93.00

Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Magnetic Football Draft Kit-Jumbo

Magnetic (Reusable) Football Draft Board w/NFL Players

•Jumbo-sized players. 10 Square In.
•Rigid (not flimsy) backer
•8, 12, 16 teams x 18 rounds
•Reusable Stand available
•PLASTIC (hinged) Backer
•Wood-grain background
•Launched 2020

Our Price: $65.00

2022 Custom Fantasy Football Draft Board • Adonis Semi-Custom Custom Fantasy Football Draft Kit -ADONIS

Semi-Custom Football Draft Board w/ Elephant Labels
•We Design It w/ League Name
•12 Teams x 16 Rounds
•14 Square Inch Labels | Huge
•Rolled AND folded options
•Launched 2022

Our Price: $80.00
2022 Custom Fantasy Football Draft Board Custom fantasy football draft kit (USING Draft Board Genie)

Custom Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
•Design it Yourself
•Customize League Name, Color, Dimensions, Logo
•8-18 teams x 12-39 rounds
•3 Label Sizes
•Now Rolled OR Folded
•Launched Genie in 2014

Base Price $43.00


about bruno’s draft boards

Since 2004, Bruno's has been a leader in the world of Fantasy Draft Boards. You want the biggest draft board? Check! You want a Custom Draft Board? Check! You want the biggest labels so you can see the picks from across the room? Check, check & Check! How bout a custom Championship Belt? Of course we do! Magnetic? You bet! When it comes to dazzling them on draft night, Bruno's has thought of everything. Baseball & Football. We even have a phone that is staffed so you can call us! Who else has that in 2022? Uh, noone, that's who.