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Current Year Players for Magnetic Draft Board

Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Annual Update
REMEMBER: See product description for pricing deadlines and availability.

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Unregistered Customer Price $75.00
Special Note: Price is DEEPLY discounted if you bought a magnetic draft board previously. Just log into your account to see the discount.
More Promotional Information: If you are thinking about the NEW ELEPHANT SIZE that we just launched, we put some commentary about how you can upgrade. Scroll to end of product description at bottom of page.
Important product info: New Feature: Bricks are sorted by positional ADP instead of Alphabetically. Much easier to sort, especially if using the On-Deck Panels.
Mobile users: Custom Team Labels

Availability:: 2023 Available•Ships July

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On Deck Side Panel

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Custom Team Labels

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automated entry feature is down indefinitely FYI
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Magnetic Panels & Skins

Additional considerations

•Self-stick upgrade for WR/RB available. Includes 31 WR labels & 31 RB labels and 24 blank plates.
•Self-stick IDPs available

      • D/ST is not included as those should be kept from year to year. You can add them for additional cost.
      • Team Plates (for across the top) are not included each year as those should be kept from year to year as well.
      • The original purchaser will log into his/her account for the deeply discounted price
        • Original purchaser can transfer ownership to someone else by sending us a note, but the discounted price will not be as attractive (see other points below).
      • Order early every year to ensure availability
      • This player set is updated ONLY at the beginning of the season, not throughout the season. So there is no reason to wait each year to order.
      • For IDP option, you'll get blank plates and traditional stickers, to affix AS THE PLAYER IS DRAFTED

      2023 Prices for Players...it pays to order early (2023 will be identical or very similar, fyi)

      Price Guaranteed Availability
      Order by July 6 2023 $46 Yes
      Order by July 21 $56 Yes
      Order by Aug 1 $62 No, you may have to get
      a traditional board if we run out
      If you don't see the discounted rates (and you ordered the draft board last year), contact us as it is possible that your order didn't get filtered properly. We can simply adjust it for you if that is the case.

      Q: Why we are complicating the pricing of the players for the magnetic draft boards.
      A: We have to produce them early in the season in large quantities. We will sell out of these every year and cannot afford to have any left over at the end of the season.

      Other points
      You might be wondering why we require the original purchaser to continue making the purchases every year. These player plates are quite costly and extremely labor-intensive to produce especially when compared to our traditional labels. In fact, we have to forecast and produce the full season's worth of supply at the start of the season, which limits our available inventory. Every replenishment order comes from the same inventory pool as the original draft kit order.

      While we are thrilled that you are able to use this product for many years, we don't want these draft boards to end up on EBay, forcing us to produce plates for people who didn't buy the draft board from us in the first place. Plus, these next generation orders, literally, could be taking inventory from someone else.

      Thanks in advance for adhering to these policies.

      Considering Upgrading to the New Elephant Size Magnetic?
      Since 2020 when we launched the original Magnetic Draft Board, we have received a ton of kudos for the product overall. But one comment we've heard numerous times (especially from those groups who regularly bought the Elephant and Paul Bunyan before going to Magnetic) is that you wished we offered a bigger size. So that's what we're doing now.

      In May 2023, we launched The Elephant-Sized Magnetic Draft Board. It is intentionally designed with the original components, but since the players are 40% bigger, you'll need a few extra components. We are going to offer a conversion package, but it is not up on the site yet. Once you get the conversion kit, you'll just have to replace the Elephant sized players every year.

      What will I need? It depends on what size you had before. But keep in mind, the original Jumbo offers 4 columns per panel/skin, and the Elephant only offers 3. So you need more. But this is essentially what it looks like.

      Suppose you have a 10-Team setup and want to upgrade. The 10-Team board comes on 4 panels instead of 3. You'll need 1 more panel, 4 new skins, a fresh set of players (of course), and perhaps another stand.