August 3, 2021

Trophy Deals

Trophy of The Day deal has ended for 2021. You still get $5 OFF any trophy in the shop as long as you order a qualifying kit (any kit except Medium).

Introducing the new "Eco-Friendly" Small Player Pool

If you find that you waste a ton of label sheets after your draft, you'll appreciate our newest player pool. The Small Pool has plenty of players for smaller leagues. FYI, the Standard and Deep Pools are still available.

Covid-19 Plans Fantasy Football

What strange times, indeed. See Our Covid-19 Plans Page which outlines our latest game plan for the 2021 Fantasy Season.

MAGNETIC DRAFT BOARDS are back....and even better this year

For 2021, we're introducing a PLASTIC Magnetic Draft Board which offers 2 main improvements. #1 Plastic (actually coroplast if you're familiar with this material) backers are a lot more durable than the foamboard backers from last year and #2 The fluted plastic allows us to "hinge" the backer to ship/store more efficiently. We are permanently sold out of last year's Foamboard option, but we have some of the newer and more durable plastic ones remaining.

Flat Rate Shipping w/ Elephant Panel Stands

Add a panel stand to your draft board order, and get flat rate shipping in lower 48. $27 for most of the country and $33 if you live in New England or west of the Rockies. No coupons needed.

Better Shipping Rates to Canada

Fedex rolled out a program to us for Canada (basically they lowered surcharges), so we're passing it onto our friends to the north.

Magnetic Player Updates...order early for best prices

As you know from last year, these kits will sell out. If you got a magnetic draft board from us last year, make sure to order 2021 updates before July 5 for the best price.

New Oversize Charges....and how to avoid them

For over a year now, Fedex/UPS have tacked on oversize charges to anything over 48", which impacts many of our draft boards. So we redesigned many of our kits to fall under this threshold, although you can still get the larger ones, but you'll see shipping rates that are $6-$16 more. We've tried to highlight the kits on all the product pages where you can avoid the oversize options.

New Product for Australia

The Aussie Jumbo includes all taxes and shipping. If you live Down Under, this is most likely the draft board for you!

Draft Board Genie

We've already enhanced the performance, and we're hoping to add some new features this summer. Until you see the option available for the 2X Jumbo Team labels within the draft board design, make sure to add an extra round to your draft board to account for it if you plan to get it.


If you reside outside the US, There is a SUBSTANTIALLY more affordable shipping option available to you as long as your draft is not less than 3 weeks away.

Our Top Sellers

As always, The Bigger, The Better!

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Board...biggest on the market Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit - Elephant Kit

Fantasy Baseball Draft Board
•Biggest Draft Board on The Market.
•Biggest Label on The Market. Easy on the eyes.
•Numerous sizes. 12-16 Teams x 18-28 Rounds
•Features 2X Team Labels all sizes.
•Auction or Standard format

Our Price: $62.00

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Board Commissioner's Dream MEDIUM Baseball Draft Board with Player Labels

Fantasy Baseball Draft Board
•AKA "The Medium"
•12-16 Teams x 23-26 Rounds.
•30% bigger than most other labels on market
•Auction or Standard format

Our Price: $37.00

2022 Fantasy Baseball Draft Board | Draft Board Genie Custom Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit (using Draft Board Genie)

Custom Baseball Draft Board
•Launch app and design away
•Customize everything including graphics
•8-18 teams x 12-38 rounds
•Available w/ Med, Jumbo, Elephant Labels
•Launched 2014
•Auction or Standard format

Base Price $47.00


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Since 2004, Bruno's has been a leader in the world of Fantasy Draft Boards. You want the biggest draft board? Check! You want a Custom Draft Board? Check! You want the biggest labels so you can see the picks from across the room? Check, check & Check! How bout a custom Championship Belt? Of course we do! Magnetic? You bet! When it comes to dazzling them on draft night, Bruno's has thought of everything. Baseball & Football. We even have a phone that is staffed so you can call us! Who else has that in 2022? Uh, noone, that's who.