April 21, 2020

Covid-19 Plans for Summer

What strange times, indeed. See Our Covid-19 Plans Page which outlines our latest game plan for the 2020 Fantasy Season. We also discuss Baseball here.

More COVID...No Returns Policy in 2020

You could imagine the disaster we'd have if we had to refund every order for 2020. Accordingly we've adopted a No Returns Policy for 2020. Hopefully, COVID doesn't wipe out the NFL, and everything works out. Please be sure to check out the policy though.

Magnetic Draft Boards NEW for 2020...Oh, yes we did!!!

We've literally been working on this for 10 years! Introducing THE Biggest Magnetic Draft Board on the fantasy football market.

Bruno's Trophy Shop is Open

You'll see several new fantasy baseball trophies available in the store.

Reusable Draft Boards

Available again for 2020.

Football Championship Belts

Check out our latest football product, the Championship Belt. Hulk Hogan would be proud! Free shipping entire order when you get one.

Paul Bunyan not available in Baseball

Since baseball requires so many rounds compared to football, the Paul Bunyan is not available in baseball. It would have to be 8-9 feet tall, which is beyond ridiculous for most.

New Team Labels Product AND Process

Just a reminder if you get team labels....There is a 2X Jumbo size, which is twice the height of the regular jumbos. Elephant off the shelf draft boards use this size exclusively. We're also in the final stages of bringing this size to the custom draft boards too.

Draft Board Genie

We've already enhanced the performance, and we're hoping to add some new features this summer. Until you see the option available for the 2X Jumbo Team labels within the draft board design, make sure to add an extra round to your draft board to account for it if you plan to get it.


If you reside outside the US, There is a SUBSTANTIALLY more affordable shipping option available to you as long as your draft is not less than 3 weeks away.

Redesign of Genie

We're working to redesign the Draft Board Genie interface for the first time since 2014. Maybe available in baseball but definitely in football.

Our Top Sellers

As always, The Bigger, The Better!

Fantasy Baseball Draft Board Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit - Elephant Kit

Fantasy Baseball Draft Board
•Biggest Label on The Market. Easy on the eyes.
•Numerous sizes. 12-16 Teams x 18-28 Rounds
•Features 2X Team Labels all sizes. New in 2020
•Auction or Standard format

Our Price: $62.00

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Board Commissioner's Dream MEDIUM Baseball Draft Board with Player Labels

Fantasy Baseball Draft Board
•AKA "The Medium"
•12-16 Teams x 23-26 Rounds.
•30% bigger than most other labels on market
•Auction or Standard format

Our Price: $37.00

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Board Commissioner's Dream JUMBO Baseball Draft Board with Player Labels

Fantasy Baseball Draft Board
•Our 2nd Biggest Label (5"x2")
•Up to 12 Teams. Up to 36 Rounds.
•Auction or Standard Format

Our Price: $47.00

2020 Fantasy Baseball Draft Board Custom fantasy baseball draft kit (using Draft Board Genie)

Design your own customized draft board in seconds with our app.

Base Price $47.00


about bruno’s draft boards

Bruno's provides premium fantasy draft boards for baseball and football. The finer details allow for an organized and well-run draft party. More visible, high-contrast labels make your draft easier on the eyes in a darker room, and a custom draft board in your favorite color scheme adds that finishing touch. Your group won't be disappointed. Bruno's, the draft board of choice for the experienced Commish.