July 7, 2024

Only Reusable Stands Out There

since a competitor discontinued theirs this year. We even have three varieties. The Elephant Panel Stand is 6 feet tall and is ideal for any of our paper draft boards. Tension stands are for any "banner" draft board. And our Magnetic stands go with the magnetic boards.

Bruno's Commish T-Shirts are Back

Just $10 when you get an Elephant (or larger) Draft Board. Check out Bruno's Tees today.

Reusable (Not Magnetic) Boards & Removable Labels Discontinued

We announced this last year, so this should not come as a surprise. There were a handful of reasons, not the least of which was supply constraints. We still have Reusable Stands, and we have Custom Draft Boards, fyi.


Just launched on July 7, The Biggest Draft Board on the Planet comes in 16 team format. That's 66 square feet worth of draft board! Do you even have that kinda space?

New MAGNETIC DRAFT BOARD features (football only)

New features/options for the Magnetic Draft Board include a cross-reference list included at no charge. We also rolled out an Elephant size which is 40% bigger than the original Jumbo size.

The Vote Has Been Counted for New Paul Bunyan Color Scheme (Football Only)

We've done this for a several years now. Prior to the football season, we asked for your votes for the newest color scheme. Bright Red & Yellow wins it over Green & White by a whisker. THE PAUL BUNYAN.

Magnetic Player Updates...order early for best prices (Not available in Baseball)

As you know from last year, these kits will sell out. If you got a magnetic draft board from us last year, make sure to order 2023 updates before July 6 for the best price.


We still offer the biggest draft boards. Don't worry about that. But we've taken steps to keep the oversize charges to a minimum. Folding (mentioned above) and some reconfigurations have been made to help. You'll see some other steps we've taken too.

Our Top Sellers

As always, The Bigger, The Better!

Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Magnetic Football Draft Kit-Jumbo

Magnetic (Reusable) Football Draft Board w/NFL Players

•Jumbo-sized players. 10 Square In.
•Rigid (not flimsy) backer
•8, 12, 16 teams x 18 rounds
•Reusable Stand available
•PLASTIC (hinged) Backer
•Wood-grain background
•Launched 2020

Our Price: $132.00

Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Board Jumbo Fantasy Football Draft Kit

Fantasy Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
•Our 3rd Biggest Label (10 sq in)
•12/16 teams x 18/25 rounds
•folded & rolled options
•Small, Standard, Deep Player Pools
•Launched 2009

Our Price: $47.00

2024 Fantasy Football Draft Board • Adonis Elephant Football Draft Kit -ADONIS

Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
•Our Newest Draft Board
•Identical to our Elephant except graphic
•12 Teams x 16 Rounds
•Rolled AND folded options
•Launched 2022

Our Price: $70.00
Biggest Fantasy Football Draft Board The Paul Bunyan Football Draft Kit

Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
•Biggest Label (28in2) on the planet
•Biggest Draft Board (10' +/-) on the planet
•12/14/16 teams x 15/17 rounds
•16-Teamer NEW in 2024
•Rolled OR FOLDED (new option)
•Because you want to make a statement this year
•Launched 2018

Our Price: $96.00

Magnetic Fantasy Football Draft Board Elephant Size Magnetic Football Draft Kit-Elephant

Magnetic (ELEPHANT) Football Draft Board w/NFL Players

40% Bigger than Jumbo
Elephant-sized players. 14 Square In.
•Rigid (not flimsy) backer
•9, 12, 15, 18 teams x 15 rounds
•Reusable Stand available
•PLASTIC (hinged) Backer
•Weathered wood-grain background
•New in 2023

Our Price: $179.00
2024 Custom Fantasy Football Draft Board • Adonis Semi-Custom Custom Fantasy Football Draft Kit -ADONIS

Semi-Custom Football Draft Board w/ Elephant Labels
•We Design It w/ League Name
•12 Teams x 16 Rounds
•14 Square Inch Labels | Huge
•Rolled AND folded options
•Launched 2022

Our Price: $80.00

2024 Custom Fantasy Football Draft Board Custom fantasy football draft kit (USING Draft Board Genie)

Custom Football Draft Board w/ Player Labels
•Design it Yourself
•Customize League Name, Color, Dimensions, Logo
•8-18 teams x 12-39 rounds
•3 Label Sizes
•Now Rolled OR Folded
•Launched Genie in 2014

Base Price $49.00


about bruno’s draft boards

Since 2004, Bruno's has been a leader in the world of Fantasy Draft Boards. You want the biggest draft board? Check! You want a Custom Draft Board? Check! You want the biggest labels so you can see the picks from across the room? Check, check & Check! How bout a custom Championship Belt? Of course we do! Magnetic? You bet! When it comes to dazzling them on draft night, Bruno's has thought of everything. Baseball & Football. We even have a phone that is staffed so you can call us! Who else has that in 2022? Uh, noone, that's who.